Future Development

The Old Hall Hotel is a very special building, with a colourful history that has touched countless people over the years.

Our aim, therefore, is to treasure past memories while creating new ones, with a multi-million-pound investment that is bringing considerable social and economic benefits.

We fully appreciate that the heritage of the site means a lot to generations of local people – and it is, therefore, important to us too.

The historic trail goes back to 1861 when the Victorian townhouse was built for an affluent family who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Originally known as Coundon Hall, it was not until 1947 that it was renamed as ‘The Old Hall’, before being converted into a pub and restaurant in the 1960s.

In 1974, it became a Grade II listed building and we’ve made sure our exciting development plans are in keeping with that important status and green belt location. Our aim is to create a hotel and spa with modern facilities, while restoring or reinstating as many of the original features as possible.

Over the next two years, our current ten guest rooms will become 50, and a modern spa – featuring a gym and pool – will be built to the same high-level specifications as the rest of the development.

The additional rooms, along with a large banqueting hall for 750 people, will be located below ground level. However, to ensure there is an outlook from the new accommodation and function suite, this ambitious part of the development will be ingeniously arranged around two sunken courtyards.

Landscaping will be sympathetically extended over the top of the buildings, with the edges of the sunken courtyards protected by simple railings concealed by shrubs. Not only will this be a highly efficient use of the space, allowing for a significant increase in capacity, but it will be aesthetically pleasing too.

The eagerly-anticipated spa – the first in the Coventry area – is to be the jewel in the crown, and will be complemented by nail, hair and massage salons. These will be incorporated into the cottage surrounding the stable block, dating back to the days when horses and carriages transported passengers between Coventry and Birmingham.

And so the journey continues…