About Us

A renovation project that has been close to our hearts for many years, The Old Hall epitomises everything we believe a luxury hotel should hold in its highest regard. From the hotel service, to the first-class dining experience and flawless guest rooms, every aspect of your visit will be outstanding and memorable.

We believe in making a great first impression. That’s why every stay at The Old Hall begins with a friendly and welcoming greeting. Our traditional view on hotel hospitality embraces speedy room service, a polite and respectable staff manner along with a positive attitude where for us, no ask is too much. We pride ourselves in making every guest experience at The Old Hall as comfortable as possible. 

The former Victorian townhouse has certainly had a colourful past. Built in 1861 for an affluent family away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, it was initially named Coundon Hall. It became the ‘Old Hall’ many years later in 1947 before being refurbished as a pub and restaurant in the 1960s.

In 1974, The Old Hall became a designated Grade II listed building. Our exciting development plans will see the estate become fully restored with many of the original features which have been lost over the years reinstated. Read all about our future development plans here.