About Us

Listed building is to be fully restored, with many of the original features which have been lost over the years reinstated.

The amount of accommodation required to make the scheme economically viable and generate the necessary income for investment in the listed building requires a volume that is greater than the existing buildings.

To achieve the critical mass of development required, while minimising its visual impact on the setting of the Listed building and its Green Belt location, it is proposed that the large banqueting room and the hotel bedrooms are located below ground level.

To address any adverse perception of subterranean development the new accommodation is arranged around two sunken courtyard areas that provide an outlook from both the hotel bedrooms and the function room.

The views out from the bedrooms are therefore little different from a conventional courtyard arrangement. The landscape is to be extended over the top of the buildings with edge protection to the sunken courtyards comprising of simple railings concealed by shrub planting within the wider landscape.